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Armored Core

Armored Core

Armored Core is a third-person shooter mecha video game series developed by FromSoftware.

The series centers on a silent protagonist who takes on work as a mercenary pilot in the far future, operating large robot combat units known as Armored Cores at the behest of corporate and private clients.

Earth experienced a cataclysm known as the Great Destruction and humanity has been forced underground.

Corporations begin fighting for dominance, leading to the increasing reliance on Armored Core pilots called Ravens.

Following the events of 1999’s Armored Core – Master of Arena, humanity rebuilds and colonizes Mars.

Through 2000’s Armored Core 2 and its expansion, Another Age, the fledgling Earth government struggles to maintain power as opportunistic corporations exploit the power gap and rebel groups resist against the hegemony of government and business interests.

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