172 HMM Zoids RZ-041 Liger Zero Jager


Kotobukiya updates their excellent 1/72 model kit of the high-speed Liger Zero Jager!

It features a fully articulated inner frame onto which you attach the armor parts.


172 HMM Zoids RZ-041 Liger Zero Jager

Compatible with the Flying Base (sold separately) for airborne poses, and its generously jointed body means you can put it into just about any battle-ready pose.

Its gigantic back-mounted ion boosters can move vertically and horizontally, as do the wings on its back and hind leg armor, and side thrusters too.

A pilot figure is included, as are new decals of various emblems and caution marks.

Note that this kit includes the Liger Zero body with the Jager armor.

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