ADR-04 MK-X Destroid Defender


Brand new and beautifully detailed 1/82 scale kit by Wave of the ADR-04-MkX Destroid Defender from Macross anime.


ADR-04 MK-X Destroid DefenderThe Destroid Defender ADR-04-MkX is one of the supplementary mecha that appears in the Macross anime series (later shown as Robotech in the states).

Its only weapons are 2 arms each featuring a pair of large caliber, specialized interception capability guns but they lack manipulators.

The anti-aircraft engagement model (anti-tank class) wide-bore guns each fire 500 rounds per minute and all four barrels firing in combination can unleash 2,000 rounds per minute.

The 78 mm rounds are fired via the Erlikon Contraves system at an impressive muzzle velocity of 3,300 meters per second.

ADR-04 MK-X Destroid DefenderDespite featuring a common destroid ambulatory system, the Defender mobility is more dull compared to a variable fighter Battroid.

Hence, the Defender destroid is more a next generation of anti-aircraft tank and is said to moonlight as a movable turret.

The rotating mechanism structure of the body allows the unit to respond quickly to enemies approaching from the rear.

The shoulder and chest unit design was implemented for rapid-fire bullets and retrofitted to load a large number of major bullet types.

Additionally, the targeting system provided in the chest was developed for long-range firing in space and can perform extremely precise shooting.

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