RVF-25 Messiah Valkyrie Luca


Piloted by boy genius Luca Angelloni, the green RVF-25 Messiah Valkyrie gets the snap-fit plastic kit treatment and accompanied with not just one, but all 3 of his Ghosts!


RVF-25G Messiah Valkyrie LucaThis top-quality offering of the variable Valkyrie from Bandai comes molded in color with all its intricate mechanical parts, cockpit, and panel lines reproduced in sharp detail.

Fully transformable between its Fighter, Gerwalk, and Battroid modes, the Valkyrie can smoothly switch from any one of its 3 modes with the use of metal shafts in the wings and nose.

Its signature gunpod can slide open, and its knife can be stored in its shield.

Other features include a movable sensor located on its head, and the left and right antennas on its large radome are openable.

An unpainted to-scale Luca pilot figure in a sitting pose, molded in gray and designed to be placed in the cockpit, is included, along with waterslide decals and marking stickers.

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