Zeong HGUC 1144 Scale


The MSN-02 Zeong is a prototype mobile suit appearing in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam.

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Zeong HGUC 1144 ScaleDeveloped by the Principality of Zeon at the A Baoa Qu space fortress during the One Year War, it was built for Newtype pilots and was first piloted by the Red Comet Char Aznable.

First mobile suit to use the Psycommu system, which allowed its pilot to utilize its wire-guided remote-controlled forearms for all-range attack effectively.

Each forearm was built with 5-mega particle gun in its fingers.

2 additional beam guns were built into the waist. Lastly, there was a single beam cannon inside the head.

Unlike most mobile suits of the time, the Zeong has 2 cockpits, one in the chest and another in the head.

However, a single Newtype pilot can fully operate the Zeong from its head which could detach from the body and act as an escape pod.

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